February 6, 1996

Listen To A Sample

Good times and laughter,
Romance in the air,
Presenting best behavior,
Putting on the aires.

What was it about her,
That seemed so right for you,
What was as it about him,
That caught you looking too.


First Impressions,
Not always what they seem.
What I do to catch your eye,
Is not necessarily me.
First Impressions,
I’ll hit you with my charms,
Just long enough to get you close,
And to wrap you in my arms.


A silent conversation,
Chemistry or love,
Pure infatuation,
Or none of the above.

What was it you looked for,
Made you think that I’m the one,
‘Cause I’m not what you’re looking for,
I just want to have some fun.


(Repeat verse 1:)


Chorus II:

First Impressions,
Lover you better beware,
Cause you might see something in me,
That you like but just ain’t there.
First Impressions,
I can be what you want me to be,
Just long enough to win your love,
And to take you home with me.

Copyright, Mark E. Firehammer

About the Author Mark

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