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Real love,
Hearts on fire,
Heat up the night,
With the purest desire.
This love that we’re feeling,
Is fleeting at best.
It can go from hot to freezing,
Like a demon possessed.

Somewhere between heaven and hell,
We never know where from day to day.
This love affair as far as I can tell,
Is somewhere between heaven and hell.

Verse 2:
Passing the time,
Counting the moments,
Passions decline,
Along with the innocence.
Though battles are frequent,
Making up can be bliss,
If you try to stop the bleeding,
With the warmth of a kiss.


Love is a pleasure,
Love is a pain.
One persons loss,
Is another ones gain.
All is fair in war and love.
As long as you’re there,
You know you’re going to end up.


Copyright, Mark E. Firehammer

About the Author Mark

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