February 3, 1996

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Somewhere in time,
I will find you and then,
I can love you again,
Like I did way back when,
In time.

Somewhere in time,
I will look in your eyes,
Feel the warmth of your hands,
Hear the sound of your sighs,
In time.

Somewhere in time,
Just the sound of a voice,
Makes me linger and look,
For a glimpse of your face,
In time.

How can I find a way back to that place,
I just close my eyes and I trey to retrace,
The moments the minutes the hours the years,
Till I’m blind from the tears.

Somewhere in time,
I will hold you again,
Feel your flesh press to mine,
Feel your breathe on my skin,
In time.

Mark Firehammer, 1995

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