February 8, 1996

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Where did you come from,
How’d we get here?
It feels like I’ve known you,
For all of my years.

So much in common,
So far apart.
In spite of the distance,
You’ve slipped into my heart.

Talking for hours,
How the time does fly,
Caught in the rapture,
Of what’s behind your eyes.

How can you be what you are,
When you’re only 17.
I think you’re amazing,
From everything I’ve seen.

You have the soul of an ancient,
I’ve been with you before.
This can’t be the first time,
I’ve walked you to your door,
I’ve lived a lifetime in your kisses,
A thousand years in your embrace,
I can’t believe the things I see,
In the beauty of your souls familiar face.

Where do we go now,
Now that we’re here?
I wish I could hold you,
For all of my years.
Is this just a crossroads,
Where we touch then onward bound,
If I can’t have you this time,
I’ll take the next lifetime around.


Copyright, Mark Firehammer

About the Author Mark

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