February 7, 1996

Listen To A Sample

Darkness falls on city streets,
Danger lurks and evil greets,
The one by chance that happens to be near.
The tough guys young and angry who,
Must prove themselves by hurting you,
Hungry vultures feeding on your fear.
And when you think you’ve had enough,
Of the dealers selling deadly stuff,
On the corners and the school yards where you live.
The prostitutes and petty thief so bold you stare in disbelief,
You’ve got to know there’s no alternative.
You’ve got to,

Stand tough.
Stand up and fight.
Don’t let the bad guys beat you down,
Don’t give up this hallowed ground.
Stand Tough.
With all of your might.
Collective wills are stronger than,
The evil wrought throughout this land.
Stand Tough.
And fight for your rights.
We all know what must be done,
Lets stand tough and fight as one,
We’ve got to fight until we’ve won.

Verse 2:
Time goes by the waste goes on,
The beaurocrats at the pentagon,
They’re spending more for less and less each year.
Politicians taking our prosperity their greed devours,
So much the hopes of many disappear.
We find it hard to understand,
The billions spent in foreign lands,
To save the starving masses where they live.
While back at home we just deny,
Our hungry hordes their babies’ cries,
A sad domestic plan we can’t forgive.
We’ve got to,

Chorus, repeat, end.

Copyright, Mark E. Firehammer

About the Author Mark

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