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Caught up in a race to find our happiness in things.
We go to work and spend our precious time.
Measuring success in all the dollars that it brings,
The luxury and comfort so sublime.
When suddenly were faced with a reality,
That years have passed and all we’ve spent is time,
Working hard for someone else’s sanity,
While slowly losing track of yours and mine.

Don’t forget your dreams,
Be true to who you are.
Reach out for each wish,
That you wish upon a star.
What you dare to reach for,
Is all that you can be.
The future’s up to you,
So don’t forget your dreams.

Looking back on all the years I’ve been out on my own.
The places that I’ve been the things I’ve learned.
Dues I’ve paid, mistakes I’ve made because of them I’ve learned,
To know success is more than income earned.
As children we would dream of what we’d grow to be.
But little did we know what we’d become.
When told our little dream is just a fantasy,
And taught to run a race that’s rarely won.


If nothing within nature is capricious,
Then we can’t imagine what could never be,
One good look at history should teach us,
Our dreams are within reach of you and me.


Copyright Mark E. Firehammer

About the Author Mark

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