February 2, 2000

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Where did I go before I met her?
Who did I know before she came?
Into my heart I’ve gone and let her,
Things will never be the same.

Emotions that my life has never shown me,
The beating of my heart within my chest.
The tremble when her flesh is pressed against me,
The fire of impassioned breathes caress.

Whisper in my ear I love you,
Pull your body near I want you,
I’ll sing it loud and clear I love you,

I had to know her name when I first saw her.
In the trees on that Virginia summer day.
I asked some silly question to be near her,
She answered smiled then turned and walked away.

That night the sound of music brought her to me,
The fire played in shadows on her face.
Her love of Croce music really threw me,
She held me in her chestnut eyes embrace.


We said goodnight the morning came I missed her,
I longed for one more glimpse of her sweet face.
As the miles rolled away I wished I’d kissed her,
By then she was one hundred miles away.

I heard a sound and checked my rear view mirror,
I saw her out the window heard my name.
With a smile and a wave she pulled beside me,
Then sped away I knew we’d meet again.


Eight months down the road in New York City,
The band was booked to play The Bitter End.
I was standing on the sidewalk feeling shitty,
I heard a voice and there she was again.

She looked into my eyes and saw the wonder,
As I stared into her souls familiar face.
The moment that we touched I felt the thunder,
Something came unleashed in that embrace.


Copyright Mark E. Firehammer

About the Author Mark

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