February 12, 2000

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If this were another time,
And another place,
I’d always be with you,
We’d have a special place.
Sharing joy and songs,
With good friends to drum along,
We could count the stars above,
While we’re making love

But this world’s a troubled place,
Give me simpler times,
When the good Life,
Wasn’t bought with overtime.
We’d till a little fertile ground,
Build us a house of stone,
When come the harvest time,
We’d reap the love we’ve sown.

Give me a good life,
One fueled by passion,
For earth and nurture,
Not cash and fashion.
I need a good life,
To build a home with friends,
Livin in the web of life,
That’d make me whole again.

Each town I pass it seems,
Is moving way to fast,
Their cutting down the trees,
And tearing up the grass.
Their putting asphalt down,
This here’s a growing town,
To say it’s the will of God,
Just perpetuates the fraud.

There was a place in time,
When that did seem the case,
That all this was made for us,
That God blessed the human race,
But we’ve learned a lot since then,
Let’s make Cain & Able friends,
That’d stop the ground attack,
And we can get our garden back.


Pesticidal poisons,
Dealing death we can’t avoid,
One leads to another,
Till the web of life’s destroyed.
Rachel’s calling “back this way”,
“That’s the path to silent spring.”
Come along join heart and hands,
Everybody sing.


Copyright, Mark E. Firehammer

About the Author Mark

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