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Everywhere I go
people help me along
livin on music
singing my songs

Stoking my hope
kind words and advice
making new friends
not thinkin twice

’bout being on the road
I been livin in a van
drivin, sleepin and readin
learnin’ bout man

Things use to be different,
do you remember forgetting?
remember it now,
stem a debt of regretting.

Where did we come from
how’d we get here
gather the pieces
listen and hear.

Where did we come from
how’d we get here
the future is certain,
because the past is so clear.

To many people,
not enough hope
were comin to the end
of 10 millennium rope,

Forget about drugs
don’t dwell on the crime
they’re only a symptom
late in the time.

Spanning what used to be
the history of man
now we know better,
where a much older clan

We didn’t begin
with the growing of food
division of labor,
set the slavery mood.


We’ve been tilling the earth
to the exclusion of others
breaking the rules
killing the mothers

Of anything living
that wasn’t our food
population explodes
effective and crude

120K moons,
since the dawn of one culture,
leaving blood and the bones
at the beak of the vulture

Darkness & evil,
from then to the present
a crimson hued path,
to the womb at the crescent.


It was all about power
found in the crop
before very long
we needed a cop

A tool of the kings
and conquering fools
law became written.
imperative rules

For the building of wealth,
by the breaking of bone,
a spread of one culture
through the taking of home.

They wrested the power
of god from the land,
subjugate all
to the service of man


take a walk back
half a million years
a world full of balance
not wilderness fears

The law of the jungle?
it didn’t exist.
It was a delicate balance
where all could exist

The freedom to live
in the hands of the gods
where all was provided
a paradise lost.

The interesting lesson,
that history can give,
as long as we’re Cain,
we can’t be Able to live.

Copyright Mark E. Firehammer

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