By all means go to school.  It is a source of information, of things already known that will have value in revealing your higher self.  But go to school as if you were walking in virgin woods where no one has cut a trail for you to follow. While A trail can be lovely, a trail has an agenda, it leads to what is already known and the realm of the known is a prison.  To walk off the trail is to be open to uncertainty.  In uncertainty lies the Wisdom of the universe, of infinite possibilities.  To be open to those possibilities, is to be open to that which your soul needs to become the highest expression of itself.  Only off the trail do you find your stone chair, from which you can see all of creation and your unmistakable place in it.  chair1Then you will know your true self. The source of all creation is pure consciousness.  Infinite potential seeking expression from the unmanifest to the manifest.  When we realized that our true self is that infinite potential, we align ourselves with the power that creates everything in the universe.



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