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Wounded Trees

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I’m so sorry,
Look what they’ve done to you,
They’re not thinking of your life,
When they act that way.

I see they’ve been kicking you,
Beating you,
Bruising you,
And wearing you down.

That’s the way that they’ve been acting,
Since the day that they were born,
Into a world where kings exert their will,
When a man’s been whipped so many times,
It’s the only thing he knows,
He’ll take it all out,
Shed the fall out,
On the things he can control.

Like the trees,
These wounded trees.
They’re the telling of a disenfranchised soul,
The trees,
Their Beautiful leaves,
To abuse them you can’t possibly be whole.

I’m so sorry,
I know they’re hurting you,
And any life that gets into their way.
They’re clearly cutting you,
Burning you,
Chipping you,
And chopping you down.

That’s the way that they’ve been acting,
Since the day they call the fall.
When man chose to assume a godly roll.
Tell a man enough times,
He is lord above it all,
He will use all,
And abuse all,
Till he proves his mortal soul.

Look at these trees,
These wounded trees.
They’re the telling of a disenfranchised soul,
The trees,
Their Beautiful leaves,
To abuse them you can’t possibly be whole.

Aaaw the trees,
Fair forest trees.
The secrets lost,
That never will be told,
The trees their beautiful leaves.
To abuse them we can’t possibly be whole.

To abuse them
Over use them,
And lose them,
We can’t possibly be whole.

Copyright Mark E. Firehammer


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Where did I go before I met her?
Who did I know before she came?
Into my heart I’ve gone and let her,
Things will never be the same.

Emotions that my life has never shown me,
The beating of my heart within my chest.
The tremble when her flesh is pressed against me,
The fire of impassioned breathes caress.

Whisper in my ear I love you,
Pull your body near I want you,
I’ll sing it loud and clear I love you,

I had to know her name when I first saw her.
In the trees on that Virginia summer day.
I asked some silly question to be near her,
She answered smiled then turned and walked away.

That night the sound of music brought her to me,
The fire played in shadows on her face.
Her love of Croce music really threw me,
She held me in her chestnut eyes embrace.


We said goodnight the morning came I missed her,
I longed for one more glimpse of her sweet face.
As the miles rolled away I wished I’d kissed her,
By then she was one hundred miles away.

I heard a sound and checked my rear view mirror,
I saw her out the window heard my name.
With a smile and a wave she pulled beside me,
Then sped away I knew we’d meet again.


Eight months down the road in New York City,
The band was booked to play The Bitter End.
I was standing on the sidewalk feeling shitty,
I heard a voice and there she was again.

She looked into my eyes and saw the wonder,
As I stared into her souls familiar face.
The moment that we touched I felt the thunder,
Something came unleashed in that embrace.


Copyright Mark E. Firehammer

Forrest the Hitchhiking Cat

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Forrest the cat he’s a hitchhiking cat,
He knows where he’s going and he never looks back,
He just points his fuzzy face the way he’s going.
He can tell by your license plate if you’re part of his plan.

Six months old the story is told,
He packed up his lives and he hit the road,
Pawed himself a ride that was headed up to San Francisco,
The Driver said climb on in boy you’ll have the time of your life.

With the sun going down they roll into town,
It wasn’t to long they found a party around,
When a man said I need me some tail, yours is looking real nice.
Forrest sold two thirds right there and he got a good price.

2 weeks later the tail was feeling OK,
Headed for the beach down in Monterey,
Met a calico cutie sex kitten said her name was Fay.
She said take me to Vegas she was planning Forrest’s wedding day.

3 months later almost to the day,
They hit Las Vegas in a family way,
They headed for the chapel but they landed at the SPCA.
They sold the girl and the kittens and they took his family jewels away.


One night he escaped avoiding the net.
Went to the casino started laying his bets,
It wasn’t to long and he was deep into a shark named Dale.
When he couldn’t pay up they broke his knees and what was left of his tail.

He was back in the joint looking a wreck,
Forrest started thinking ’bout saving his neck.
He had to find a way to discourage them from putting him down.
So with two broken knees he caught a mouse,
They kept him around.


One day on the horizon there rose a cloud of dust,
It was a long haired hippie in a big old bus,
He was looking for a traveling cat to keep the mice at bay.
Though he looks like hell we guarantee he’ll catch a dozen a day!

Las Vegas Nevada, down Flagstaff way,
Phoenix Arizona, then to Santa Fe.
Oklahoma City, Dallas Texas, then to Baton Rouge.
If they kept picking up hippies it was clear they’d soon run out of food.

Mississippi got ugly, Alabama a fright,
They’d make it to Ocala if they drove all night.
When someone said cook up that cat it’s either him or us.
When it looked like they would eat him he said man I’m getting off of this bus!


Two weeks later he came my way,
I was camping by the water on a beautiful day.
He said hello my name is Forrest Forrest Stump would you take me along?
I heard you singing last night and you could use a new song.

He climbed into the trailer settled in for the ride,
Started telling his story looked me straight in the eye,
With your talent and my tall tall tales we could really go far.
Stick with me man Forrest here will make you a star.

Well it’s been over a year he was right we went far,
But he’s not here and I’m still not a star.
But I’m still singing I succeeded in paying his way!
He’s living in my trailer on a farm up Connecticut way!

Forrest called me last night he needs some things for the house,
Said he’s getting fat from eating plenty of mouse.
Stop by and see me when you’re near.
Drop by any time you’re always welcome here!

Forrest the cat, that hitchhiking cat,
Gets what he wants and he never looks back.
I love that fuzzy face that’s where I am going.
He could tell by may license plate that I was part of his plan.
He made it clear on the day that we met that I was part of his plan.

Copyright Mark E. Firehammer