Silhouette The Shadow

Silhouette the shadow

Sing lullabies to dreamful sleep

man of mountains while sunshine your brow

Kiss on wet shiny lips

Dance notes of my soul

on your ringlet curls

you’re a lover, romance, a playboy at heart

Sparkle the eyes of wistful blue smile

and I’ve found the man of my dreams

too bad it won’t be you

Your voice will haunt this child of innocence.

Goodnight HMS Heidi M Smith 2/21/98 Melbourne, Fl

Dreamed One

He caught my eye

wandering lazily about his lips

my thought upon his words of passion

soul portrayed as note by note he sings of forgotten woe

of one unfortunate love

another and he smiles

shiny lights of lips and eyes

never cease you playing

in my mind

your childish way

so obvious

to laugh, you flatter me

and I approve


well, it’s you

I understand. I’ve no name and neither do you.

If you wish.

Heidi M. Smith, 2/22/98 Melbourne, Florida


She spoke in whispers

slightly heard out loud

of singing sunshine kisses

closed eyes saw heart to smile

She heard wind-sung melodies

of lyre harp a flute

unplayed lulabies of birth

closed mouths of sleepless babes

She saw butterflies of color

rainbowing rivers white

of droplets milky flowers

closed palms requesting life.

-HMS Heidi M. Smith, May 26, 1998.


They’ve written songs

about our…wanderings

trying to explain


of highway living

yet they fall…short

’cause they can’t understand

the lie of the…land

claiming you as it’s own

set free…spirit

of nomad man

let us walk…hand in hand

across this luscious land

-HMS Heidi M. Smith 9/26/98 Asbury College, Kentucky