Yellow Laughter

Wrap me in eternal spirit
Let silence softly sing its song
I hie for the woodlands,
Let the world be long gone
Come down from your mountain
Do not hide your eyes away,
Cry with the broken-hearted,
Laugh with joy, pray
But my growth be eternal here,
I succumb to the solitude
I sacrifice the soul completely
And renounce the world-for you
These are gracious, strong, and good
Thy riches are all that are given
Deeper still, this river flows
Through cities and golden meadows
Mine heart withers at this request
What more have I to give?
Humility, Mental Quiet, Myself-
Oh God! How else am I to live?
Child, calm thy fears of question
The answers I shall give
Shine thy light on creations all
And your destiny shall be lived
Farewell, my gentle mountain-
Unto the world I go
With my humility as my armor
And thy love as my bow

Sarah Hasty, 1999 Cassat, SC